San Lak Muang (City Pillar Shrine)
San Lak Muang Kamphaeng Phet located in Wat Phra Kaew and Khamphaeng Phet National Museum. Kamphaeng Phet is an auspicious sign, which means the stability like the walls are

Khamphaeng Phet National Museum

Khamphaeng Phet National Museum is located on Pin Damri Road in Muang district, houses ancient objects and other antique arts articles from various eras found in the

Kamphaeng Phet Province Museum

There are exhibitions on the local history with replicas of the city, lifestyle and urban and hill tribal customs and traditions with traditional audio-visual room.

San Phra Isuan (The Siva Shrine)

This shrine is situated behind the Provincial Court. The structure is of square sand stone base with 1.5 meters high floor and a staircase. On the Chooe,Chee pedestal there

Wat Prathat

This is the second largest monastery located within the city wall, just east of Wat Phra Kaeo. It is presided over by a chedi built of sand stone and bricks, surrounded by a

Wat Phra Kaew

Wat Phra Kaew located in the heart of Kamphang Phet Province. located in the heart of Kamphaeng Phet town, the temple is part of the World Heritage ancient monument complex

Sa Mon

Sa Mon is the site of the palace located to the north of Wat Phra Kaeo with a square earthen wall almost touching the northern city wall. Surrounded the walls on three sides

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